Bridging the Gap Between Varsity and JV Soccer

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Dankwa Nnoma-Addison, Staff Writer

When Varsity players announce a soccer game toward the end of meeting for worship, people clap and cheer for them, knowing that the game will be worth attending. On the other hand, when players from the JV team announce an upcoming game, they are still applauded, but do not receive as much energy or attention. That is understandable, considering JV lives under the shadow of Varsity. But when is it time to draw the line and look at the gaping difference between the two teams?

As someone who played on the JV team this year, I recognize that all those on Varsity earned their spot, and work and play hard to keep it. For example, there are some freshmen who made the Varsity team this year, and they are very talented individuals. They have taken the time to perfect their craft to the point where they are surpassing their peers. If those on JV play harder, get organized, and gather attention and support, they won’t have to live in the shadows of the Varsity players.

Another thing players and coaches could do is communicate with each other, so everyone’s concerns can be brought forth, and make sure everyone is heard. If JV players want warm-up shirts because they make the team look more organized (and cool), Steve Powers, Sandy Spring’s athletic director, says “kids should talk to coaches about gear.” If JV sports want more fans to attend games, advertising efforts need to be made. Trevor White, a fellow player on the JV soccer team, says, “the coaches need to put in more effort promoting the team”. “The fans can cheer more during games,” comments Gabriel Pickard, another member of the team. “That improves our image.”

As players mature in skill level, they will rise up to the Varsity standards. In the meantime, excellent communication, better uniformity, and an increase in skill will help JV soccer establish itself in preparation for Varsity.