The Wildezine

2017-2018 Staff

Thana Schrock

Staff Writer

I'm Thana and I play volleyball at Sandy Spring. Past sports I have played are soccer and been in swimming each for two years. Currently, I hope to pursue my dream of going pro for tennis when I am older. I am an athlete and I...

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Steven Aldridge

Staff Writer

Wassup yall? My birth certificate says Steven Christopher Aldridge but the homies call me GOODKVRMA. I am a senior at SSFS. I'm social entrepreneur, an artist, an activist, a carryout connoisseur, a Hip Hop enthusiast, an R&B...

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Trevor White

Staff Writer

Trevor White 9th grade I like to write about sports

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Andrew Gray

Staff Writer

Hi, I'm Andrew and I'm a member of the Wildezine. I enjoy writing about sports journalism.

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Yagass Bah

Staff Writer

My name is Yagass and I am a senior here at Sandy Spring Friends School. I am very excited to begin newspaper this year in the film/video aspect of this program with my friend Gillian.

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Noah Brown

Editor of Politics and Opinion

Hello fellow Beests. My name is Noah Brown. I am a junior and this is my third year as a Wildezine Staff member. It is an honor to serve as an editor for the Wildezine's political and opinion-related content, along with writer....

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Gillian Ford

Staff Writer

Hi I'm Gillian! I'm a senior and this is my second year and Sandy Spring and on Newspaper. I like writing opinion pieces and making lifestyle videos!

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Aron Bishop

Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Aron Bishop. Currently I am Sophomore attending Sandy Spring Friend School.  My favorite sport is Basketball, & Track & Field. In my spare time, besides playing basketball with my friends  I like to...

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Jacob Orloff

Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Jacob Orloff and I am a junior. I previously wrote a few articles, and I manage the teacher's advice column each quarter.

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Ayomide Omokanwaye

Staff writer

Greetings. My name is Ayo. This is my third year at Sandy Spring Friends School and I gladly be joining this year's wildezine staff. I am a peer counselor and I play soccer and lacrosse. I am a staff writer and I will be writting...

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Maya C. Long

Staff Writer

My name is Maya C. Long I am in 10th grade My favorite writers are J.K Rowling and Micheal Grant and I like writing opinion and Pop Culture pieces.

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Michel Ruiz

Staff Writer

Hi guys! My name is Michel Ruiz and I'm a sophomore. This is my second year at SSFS and my first year working with the Wildezine committee.  I am very excited to be able to publish some of my pieces!

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Dankwa Nnoma-Addison

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Dankwa Nnoma-Addison and I'm a freshman. I'm excited for Wildezine, and I know I'll read and write some great articles this year.

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Scout Crooke

Staff Writer

My name is Scout Crooke and I am in 10th grade.

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Jane Mikkelson

Staff Writer

Hi Friends, My name is Jane Mikkelson. I am so excited to be apart of the making of The Wildezine for the first time! I'm also working on the Yearbook committee this year and wanted to get more involved in the Sandy Spring student ...

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Sample McGee

Staff Writer

name grade anything else you want to share! (for example if you love writing about sports or if you have a favorite writer, you're an artist etc.)

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Begai Prom

Editor of Social Media, Buzzed, movies and advertising

Hi guys! I am so excited for this year's Wildezine and am honored to serve as editorial leader of the Social Media, Buzzed, movies and advertising aspect of our newspaper

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Jeremy Mednik

Editor of Student Life, Sports and STEM

Hello everyone! My name is Jeremy and this is my second year on the school newspaper. I am in charge of editing articles that fall under the following categories: student life, sports or STEM. I also am responsible for uploading...

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Peter Byhouwer

Literary Magazine Coordinator

Hello, my name is Peter Byhouwer. I am a senior and this is my second year as a member of the Wildezine staff.  In addition to serving on the Wildezine Editorial Board, I am the Coordinator of the Literary Magazine portion of...

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Amelia Reuben


Hi guys! I am so excited and honored to serve as Co-Clerk this year alongside Samaa. I got involved with journalism when I joined my school's yearbook as a freshman. I quickly realized that I didn’t like the lack of freedom...

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Samaa Eldadah


Hi! My name is Samaa and it's my privilege and excitement to co-lead the Wildezine this year. I'm a junior and this is my third year as a Wildezine Staff member. In addition to serving as a co-editor with my colleague Amelia...

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