The Wildezine

2018-2019 Staff

Dankwa Nnoma-Addison

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Dankwa Nnoma-Addison, and I am a sophomore at SSFS. I enjoy writing about school sports, pop culture, movies and TV, and thought-provoking opinion pieces. I love to read Marvel comics and draw in my free time.

Maya Long

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Maya Long and I'm a junior at SSFS. I enjoy writing political opinion pieces and about pop culture. I'm so excited to be apart of the Wildeizine this year! This is my second year on the Wildezine staff and in addition...

Qiang Lin

Staff Writer

Hi, I’m Qiang Lin, and I’m a senior at SSFS. I enjoy writing about pop culture.

Scout Crooke

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Scout Crooke, and I’m a junior at SSFS. This is my second year on Newspaper and I enjoy writing about topics related to life and science. In addition to being a Staff Writer, I am also an editor for the Wildezine's...

Your Name Here

Staff Writer

Hi, I'm ______, and I'm a ______ (senior, junior, etc.) at SSFS. I enjoy writing about _______ (x topic). Anything else you want to share! (for example if you love writing about sports or if you have a favorite writer, you're...

Aron Bishop

Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Aron Bishop. Currently I am Junior attending Sandy Spring Friend School.  My favorite sports are Basketball, & Track & Field. In my spare time, besides playing basketball with my friends I like to read,...

Begai Prom


Hi, my name is Begai Prom. I am a senior at SSFS and have been a member of The Wildezine for 3 years. This year, I am the editor-in-chief of The Wildezine. I work with the faculty advisors, our senior advisor, and lovely editors...

Valentina Stephens


Hi All!! My name is Vale Stephens, (not Valet, Valley, or Vail... Vale) I'm a senior and this is my second year on the Wildezine staff. I love writing about multiculture-ism and travel, but I also have a knack for video editing...

Samaa Eldadah

Senior Advisor

Hi, my name is Samaa and I'm excited for my fourth and final year on Wildezine staff! This year, I'm serving as Senior Advisor, a role that will allow me to fully participate as a staff member but also provide support to this...

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