How does the SSFS Community Feel About Football?

Trevor White, Staff Writer

Football is America’s favorite sport. At our Quaker school, part of why we don’t have a team is that Quakers don’t believe in violence. I wanted to find out how our community felt about football in general and at Sandy Spring Friends School. 

Amelia Reuben commented, “I don’t like football nor have I made any effort to understand it!”

Jacob Pleasure reflected, “If there’s enough of an interest in the student body then I think that’s what should dictate it.”

For Dankwa Nnoma Addison, “I would definitely go to games. Football, especially high school football, is a sport that even non-athletic kids go to. It’s more of a social event.”


The answer to this question was most divided though the data suggests that students generally consider basketball the most popular sport at our school.

Football is such a popular sport in this country and yet it is absent from our school. I think it would be interesting to have a team at our school but understand that, if it goes against Quaker values, why we don’t have one. This is especially the case given that students are currently content with the other sports offered.