An Interview with Rebecca Missonis

Despite this being her first year at SSFS, Rebecca Missonis is no stranger to both the world of education and Quaker values. Having spent 20 years teaching at The George School in New Jersey, where she also lived on campus, Rebecca highly values the close-knit and familiar environment that SSFS has to offer. In an interview with Rebecca, she communicated that, with its roots in Quakerism and the option to board, SSFS makes her feel connected to her previous school and her own family history.

Rebecca felt initially drawn to SSFS because of the visual beauty of the space — most importantly the historic meeting house, all the trees, the community, and the diversity of the people. When applying for this position, it was important to Rebecca, as both a candidate for hire and a potential parent, that she be in a place where not everyone looks like her and her child. In seeing the diversity of cultures, backgrounds, and identities of SSFS, Rebecca became inspired to work toward strengthening inclusion and belonging within the community.

While being a Head of Upper School is a new position for Rebecca, she intends to adapt swiftly to this demanding position by being accessible and quickly responsive to both the student and faculty body. Rebecca not only values her community but also values doing the best job she can do by welcoming all feedback and hearing from others’ experiences. She is excited and eager to work hands-on with and support students, teachers, and staff to harbor a trusting and caring relationship with the SSFS community.

At her previous school, Rebecca was selected by her coworkers to be the clerk of faculty as they viewed her as someone who could best represent their interests as a group. Rebecca hopes to continue to advocate for and always be cognizant of the interest and needs of the SSFS community, perpetuating her idea that, “when the community is healthy we all thrive.”