13 Ways to See a Mirror

Richa Sharma, Editor

I.     My reflection,

       clear as day. 

       Here and there,

       you follow me everywhere.


 II.   A fight in the boxing ring,

        Me vs. Me.

        But one wrong step,

        and your imagination is shattered.


III.   An unknown figure,

         a stranger.

         The elephant in the room.


IV.   A painting 

        of your deepest insecurities. 


V.    A barrier,

        strong and adamant.

       A barrier,

       between self-loathe and self-pride.


VI.   An unappeasable desire.


        to change. 


VII.  The entrance 

         to your alternate reality. 


VIII. A companion.

         On the darkest of days,

         amidst the loneliest hours.


IX.    Our ugly obsession with beauty.

          The final push

          towards the very brink of 



X.      A misfit.

          An outcast in society,

          forced into an image 

         displayed on the wall.


XI.    An oracle.

         One look,

         and your destiny 

         has rerouted.


XII. False reassurance.

        Temporary acceptance

        because of your image.


XIII. The start 

          to a blissful day,

          filled with love and admiration


“I first wrote this poem for an English class with one of my favorite teachers, and I recently edited it. Its purpose is to show 13 different perspectives of how someone could perceive a mirror.”