Who am I?

Who am I?

Maya Gincherman , Staff Writer

Who am I,

every breath that I breathe,

every word that I speak,

every song that I sing,

every pair of eyes that I meet,

what do they mean,

what do they say,

what do I mean,

Who am I,

April showers pour from the sky, 

not long after I watch the bright leaves of autumn flutter by,

Who am I,

the world,

the moon,

the stars, 

the sky, 

the paper people passing by,

still I wonder who am I,

my breathe releases from my mouth like cigarette smoke,

as the first snowfall covers the monstrous, ivory green, oaks,

not long after the sun smiles down 

the earth blooms for spring,

 the summer heat sweeps along the heavens,

the raindrops hit the ground with a soft ping,

still I wonder who am I,

as I watch the paper people pass by, 

who are they,

who am I,

soon the sun will set in the sky,

yet still I wonder, who am I?