The Dangers of 5G

Aron Bishop, Staff Writer

Have you ever lost internet connection while traveling or had such slow internet speed you might as well not even have it? Well, 5G claims to be able to provide a connection 100 times faster than 4 LTE will be able to provide.  Large telecommunications companies such as Sprint, T-Mobile, and Huawei have already begun to install 5G towers all over the world. Specifically, Sprint and T-Mobile are making large strides to have the cell towers installed in the United States.

The differences between 5G and 4 LTE from a technical standpoint is that 5G will provide over 1Gbps in speed. However, due to the type of transmission, a transmitter will be required more frequently than 4 LTE. According to the Los Angeles Times, in densely populated areas relay stations will be needed every twelve homes.

The recent push to have 5G has been met with staunch opposition from researchers and concerned citizens. Concerned scientists and researchers made an appeal to the EU in 2017 to halt the deployment of 5G amid health concerns and lack of research on in-depth effects of 5G. As of May 16, 2019 the 5G appeal has around 235 scientist and medical doctors who have endorsed the 5G initiative. A study by the US National Toxicology Program showed an increase in tumors located in the heart and brain of the rats. The effects of radiation exposure from radio frequency has been long debated and no definitive answer has been found.

The US National Toxicology Program is not the only institution to raise the red flag on 5G. Recently, the Head of NOAA claims that the radio frequency of 5G interferes with machinery meant for determining the weather and “5G deployment could set weather forecasts back 40 years.” With the effects of 5G being unknown, concerned Maryland citizens petitioned the Maryland General Assembly to regulate equipment needed to maintain an optimal 5G performance. Unfortunately, the legislative proposal did not make it pass session by April 8, 2019.

The American public needs to consider what’s more important, either blazing fast internet speed or potential health risks that could affect millions of people and cause irreversible side effects?