Eli Casavant, Guest Writer

dandelion, dandelion, I whispered my wish for true love onto your seeds.

as I watched your wispy self float so fluidly into the twilight sky of my future self,

I shed my summer skin into the grass below me.  

dandelion, dandelion, you found me at age 17, a young old soul freezing over in the winter dusk. I was spending my days thinking too much or not at all. I kept tears in the pockets of my jeans for safe keeping while I waited for your return. you came to my door with a boy that I would find to call mine. with a voice of redwoods and cherry, he can hold me in his arms with his singing.

his arms fit me better than any comfy sweater ever could. I think I found ‘the one’ at age 17.

dandelion, dandelion, your seeds were sown in my lover’s heart. you grew your garden in his chest and I needed a place to call home. I waited 4 long years, dandelion, but oh god, you did not disappoint me.