White Fatigue: The True Struggle

Begai Prom, Editor

!!!DISCLAIMER: This is a satirical piece

We often hear terms such as white supremacy or white privilege but rarely do we hear the term white fatigue. White fatigue syndrome occurs when white people have grown tired of learning or discussing racism and racial issues. It is important to note that victims of white fatigue syndrome do understand the importance of race history in the U.S, they are simply tired of hearing about black struggles and how their ancestors are the cause of it. The real question is: How could you blame them?

From the thirteenth amendment to date, the topic of race has infected conversations all over America and eventually progressed into a nationwide epidemic. You see it on the news, in the classrooms, all over social media, at dinner tables etc. It’s like we live in a country plagued with race based discussions! On top of that, white people have to endure the annoyance of LISTENING to it and being indirectly blamed for something that happened 400 years ago by ancestors that they don’t even know of. Every day there’s some little boy on the news that was beaten by a police officer but white people are not paying to see the same stories over and over again. They want something new! Over a century and a half, post slavery and for some reason people cannot stop talking about it. The real question is why?

We already learn everything we need to know about slavery in our history books and it’s not like the writers leave anything out or understate what actually happened. It is  understood that slavery was bad, but black people today are not even going through it!! Nowadays, people claim that everything is somehow connected to race. Do people ever think that maybe mass incarceration has nothing to do with systematic and institutionalized racism but is rather because black people just committed crimes? I mean come on! And when a black student gets recognized for a great academic achievement that their white peer has already achieved, everybody wants to make a big fuss out of it just because the student is black. We keep talking about race as if it is so bad now …in 2018… centuries after slavery… We had a black president! How much more equal can we get?!


ATTENTION: If you think you or a loved one could potentially be diagnosed with white fatigue syndrome, call/text 1800-I-DON’T-CARE.