A Slam Performed at MLK Assembly 2017


Begai Prom, Staff Writer

Disclaimer: This piece was performed for the MLK Assembly in January 2017. The student who wrote and performed the piece requested that the original language be preserved. In honor of their artistic vision and in recognition of the importance of not censoring student voices, we have preserved all of the language, including the usage of racially sensitive words. We ask you to be respectful of language and of the artists’ vision.

My culture is like a long, long road

and when I say it took blood sweat and tears to get here, I’m not joking around.

See, this road is paved with the footsteps of those that fought for equality, and for justice.

Fought for the black women that lost her spelling bee, her college acceptance, her job, her husband …to a white girl.

For the black man that has to cut his dreads because it is no longer viewed as “professional,” or can no longer step out the house with a hoodie on in complete peace.

And see these people they set up roadblocks, with signs that read: My black culture. For me to enjoy.

But it seems as though that’s just not how it is, huh.

Cuz when Kylie Jenner had dreads, she was bringing sexy back, but Zendaya has ‘em on the red carpet, and now she look smacked. Now they pressed to drop that ass and pick it up quick, cuz they think that’s gonna get them some black dick.

Oh I’m sorry, my dearest apologies. Am I being too ghetto, too black, too ratchet for you?

Lemme, lemme speak white. Let me perfect my posture, lower my voice, speak with grace and use my vocabulary because last I heard, now speaking right equates to speaking white. But don’t mind me. I see you listening to trap, saying the word nigga and calling yourself black. I see you finding black friends that make you “woke.” I see you milly rock and hit dem folks. But all that…that’s gotta stop. So Imma tell you what you’re not gonna do. You’re not gonna stock up on cocoa butter…get some cornrows… buy Kanye’s album… get you a fake booty, and a nice tan, lace up your Jordan’s and step on my culture.

Cuz y’all have taken a lot from us, but that…that’s ours.